Eve Stickler

All About Eve

Eve's professional and creative work over the last 30 years has been varied and spans performance, exhibition and graphic design, jewellery design, teaching, education and training management and strategic management of a range of children's services in local government...but she is always an artist at the end of every day.

Her creative work has evolved through the years from 1986 when she graduated with a BA in the applied crafts (wood, metal, ceramics and textiles). 

Since then she has created mixed media work that has explored her personal journey through to motherhood, assemblages and boxes on the themes of film, dolls and fishy tales, and paintings that indulge in a fascination with the distortion of floral images, high pattern, architecture and beautiful palaces and gardens.

Although she had a small clutch of exhibitions at the end of the 1980s and 1990s, she began exhibiting again in 2012, relaunching the public viewing of her work in boxes and paint.

This small collection of boxes and paintings chart her delight in colour, pattern, storytelling and humour within her personal creative journey.

The older she gets, the bolder the work becomes and yet she says it is all the more essential.

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